Greymouse Global charges a simple rate, per minute per participant (line) for the amount of time each participant is in the conference.

  • No setup fees
  • No ongoing fees
  • No contracts
  • No hidden extras
  • No booking fees
  • No recording fees

Download Cost Calculator

We have provided an excel spreadsheet that will estimate your conference prices, and give you an over view of other providers to enable you to calculate what a conference call will actually cost and compare prices with other companies with this downloadable calculator.

Calling Our Numbers - Prices

Calling Our Numbers - Prices

Inbound Number:

Our Charges
(Per Minute Per Line in $USD)

Participants Telephone
Provider Charges

United States Toll Free Number FREE CALL
International Landline Numbers 10¢ Local or STD Call
(STD call if no local number in area)
International Toll Free Number 12¢ FREE CALL

Scheduled / Call Invite to Participants - Prices

Scheduled / Call Invite to Participants - Prices

Outbound Number Destination:

Our Charges
(Per Minute Per Line in $USD)

Participants Telephone
Provider Charges

United States Fixed Line No Charge

United States Cell

No Charge
International Primary Band
(Austria, Chile, China, China-mobile, Denmark, France, Germany,
Hong Kong, Hong Kong-mobile, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Russia,
Singapore, Singapore-mobile, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)
10¢ No Charge

Extra Services - Prices

Extra Services


(Per Minute Per Line in $USD)

Webinar (Video, Desktop and PowerPoint) Contact Us
Call Recording FREE

Recording Playback


Recording Transcription

Soon... (Contact Us For Info)

Why Are We So Much Cheaper?

Greymouse Global recognises that the conference services market is dominated by large enterprises, that are not focused on cost-effective solutions. Our solution was created to offer a high-quality teleconferencing service without a huge cost to the user.

Non Profit Organisations

Greymouse Teleconference is a passionate supporter of non-profit organisations and charities. If you are a NFP, Charity or Community Project please contact us for special discounts.